Beulah Park Memorial Sculpture


On Friday, September 17 we dedicated the “And They’re Off” Memorial Sculpture to the City of Grove City. This marked Grove City’s most prominent art installation to date. The sculpture stands as a focal point for the community, an extension of the historic Town Center and a hallmark of this transformation.

The WHY.

The Investors of Beulah Park Living, led by developer Pat Kelley, had the vision to create a unique and artistic one-of-a-kind sculpture that would memorialize the Beulah Park racetrack.  They also recognized the importance of creating something that would continue to inspire future generations. And they were driven by the their strong belief in the concept of “giving back to the communities in which you make a living.”

Passing on the idea of purchasing a piece of ready-made equestrian art, they commissioned a local artist, architect, maker and creator, Craig W Murdick. And not only did they commission him, but they challenged him to create something special. And then gave him the gift of an artistic license to go all in and he sure did.

Putting it into words.

It is not easy to put into words what Beulah Park has meant to so many and will mean to future generations. We hope this sculpture will be like “the picture that is worth a thousand words.” In wanting to put some words to it, we asked Katherine Kelley, daughter of developer Pat and Lisa Kelley, to help us capture some of those words. As a talented writer and poet, she did just that. Check it out below!

Beulah Park

“The race begins…
Which horse will win,
The bets have been made,
So gather around
The main attraction
Is right here in town”
A piece of history is still in this place
It’s enriched in this land
And can’t be erased
It all lives on
Through the people and stories
Filled with memories and fondness
And bittersweet glory

As a new chapter is founded
We look forward with cheer
To all the new fellowships
That will form through the years
A community of people
Connected and living
Among a firm foundation
That’s never stopped giving


A place to call home
To live, work, and play
We dedicate this statue
With gratitude today

-Katherine Kelley


  • A Gift to the Grove City Community from the Investors of Beulah Park Living
  • Dedicated: September 17, 2021
  • Dedicated in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Arts in the Alley Festival
  • City Council Acceptance and Thank You (Resolution CR-58-21): November 1, 2021
  • Artist: Craig W. Murdick
  • Estimated Investment: $225,000
  • Weight of Steel Structure: 12,000 lbs.