Public Art


Beulah Park

Memorial Sculpture

A gift to the Grove City Community
From the investors of Beulah Park Living
Patrick Kelley, Managing Partner
Artist: Craig W. Murdick
Dedicated on September 17, 2021 in conjunction with the 42nd Annual Arts In The Alley.


“And They’re Off”

Celebrating the spirit and history of Beulah Park, Ohio’s first thoroughbred racetrack and premier event center. From 1923 – 2014 Beulah Park stood as a landmark for Grove City and the state of Ohio.

Today, the spacious grounds have been repurposed as a walkable residential and New Urbanism community connected to the Grove City historic Town Center and surrounding neighborhoods.


The City of Grove City’s Most Prominent Public Art Installation

The sculpture, designed and created by Craig W. Murdick, is intended to capture the energy and excitement that comes with the start of a race and memorialize the gathering place that was the Beulah Park race track and entertainment center.

Sculpture Name: "And They're Off"
Gifted by : Investors of Beulah Park Living, Patrick Kelley Managing Partner
Designed By: Craig W Murdick
Investment Value: $225,000
Weight: 12,000 pounds of Corten Steel
Weight of Each Horse: 1,200 pounds
Years in the Making: Three
Location : Town Center entrance to Beulah Park
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How Public Art enhances the city’s quality of life.

Making the places where we live, work and play more welcoming and beautiful. Creating a deeper interaction between the community and its environment. Adding dimension to civic spaces. Increasing the community’s assets by creating images that help define a space. Allowing the community to express its identity and values. Demonstrating pride in corporate citizenship. Affirming the educational environment. Enhancing roadsides, pedestrian corridors and community gateways. Beautifying the transportation systems. Helping green space thrive.

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