Nearly a Century of Community Connection

Beulah Park is an essential part of Grove City’s history, an iconic site with renown stretching well beyond the city limits.

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The Track

Beulah Park was Ohio’s first thoroughbred racetrack and premier event center, offering live horse racing from October through to early May. From 1923-2014, it stood as a historic landmark for Columbus, Grove City and the state of Ohio. Check out the video of the last race in 2014.


Creating New History

Today, the spacious grounds have been repurposed as central Ohio’s largest walkable residential community. This well-remembered site is now a major mixed-use community, presenting a unique opportunity to add 220 master-planned acres to this growing community and connecting Grove City’s Historic Town Center with surrounding residential area.

An Iconic Vision

A 32-acre central park anchors the Beulah Park development, making an important human connection to nature. Furthering the emphasis on wellness, healthy living and sense of place are memorial gardens, bike paths and a conservation area.

With living options being built by some of central Ohio’s top builders, Beulah Park offers something for everyone with its varied residential living opportunities.

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