Where and how you live is important. Your lifestyle matters. Your investment matters. Your community matters. Beulah Park has been designed with that in mind. You can be confident we will stay committed to our master plan. How can you be sure? Well, get to know our team!

Let us introduce you to Beulah Park Developer, Pat Kelley. Pat is President of Falco, Smith & Kelley, LTD and Vice President of Donald W. Kelley Associates, Inc. A native of Columbus, Pat holds two degrees from The Ohio State University. Along with his wife, Lisa, Pat is a proud father of eight daughters and six grandchildren.

Tell us about your role in the Beulah Park re-development. It has been exciting being in on the ground floor of master planning such an iconic site, from negotiating site acquisition from PENN GAMING, to putting together an ownership investment group. The opportunity to plan and develop 212 acres with such historical significance, as an extension to a quaint town center, just 15 minutes from Downtown Columbus, is unheard of. As managing partner, I was responsible for land planning, zoning, negotiating development and infrastructure agreement with Grove City, arranging master financing plan, and setting up the New Community Authority, as well as securing major users including Epcon Communities, Beulah Place Apartments, Danbury Assisted Living, Pulte Homes, and commercial users.

What does the redevelopment of Beulah Park mean to you? Re-development of Beulah Park is not so much what it means to me, but what a special community it will be for Grove City and Central Ohio. It truly is a transformation of the racetrack, which played such an important role in the history of the community, to a carefully planned, vibrant, walkable, mixed use neighborhood designed as part of the core city. The central park, passive open areas, and walking paths promote sustainability and enhance the health and resilience which will reverberate throughout the entire city.

What has brought you the most enjoyment? Seeing such a unique project become reality, and the excitement of prospective residents, and the community at large. I have also had the opportunity to work with several experienced, competent advisors especially Don Plank of Plank Law, Craig Murdick Architect, Kristina Acklin Principal with Groeber Law and Will Bunstine, President of Townsend Construction. It has been mostly enjoyable working with Mayor Ike Stage, Chuck Boso, Kyle Rauch and staff as well as City Council as the public, private effort is critical to the success of this project.

Certainly, with a redevelopment of this magnitude there had to be challenges. What has been the biggest for you? The biggest challenge has been the capital-intensive nature of the project and controlling costs, as well as keeping the project moving along with everyone on the same page from investors, lenders, contractors, city representatives and end users.  Creating immediate synergy while staying disciplined to the lifestyle driven plan has been a challenge as well, but gratifying.

Looking to the future of Beulah Park, what gets you most excited? The dynamic connectivity that Beulah Park will have with the Grove City Town Center, as well as the vibrant mixed uses surrounding the massive central park and conservation trail will be beyond compare in Central Ohio.  The pandemic has made the concept of place-making, which we have been able to create at Beulah emphasizing walkability, diverse product opportunities, and pedestrian friendly streetscapes, all the more important.  I am most excited for the residents who will call Beulah Park home and experience the ability to live, work, play and socialize in such a special environment.

  • Favorite part of Grove City: Planks on Broadway (Bill made me say it.)
  • Real estate mentors: Don Kelley and Bob Weiler, both real estate experts but learned more about the importance of relationships and character.
  • Civic & Community Service: Board Member Reeb Avenue Center, a hub of hope providing resources to residents on the south side of Columbus; Nazareth Towers, housing for low income and homeless located in Downtown Columbus; Mount Carmel Foundation; Polaris Owners Association; and Greater Columbus Irish Cultural Foundation.
  • Favorite architectural style: New England and cottage style among others. 
  • Your escape: Family. Spiritual reading. Indian Lake. OSU. CBJ.
  • Your roots: Irish-Catholic Family
  • Motto you live by: Attitude of Gratitude (Buiochas le Dia)