Let us introduce you to Craig Murdick of Craig W. Murdick, Architect Ltd. Craig has worked with the team of Falco, Smith and Kelley for decades. You will see his work throughout Beulah Park, including the much-anticipated memorial sculpture. Craig and his wife are the proud parents of four children.

Tell us about your role in the Beulah Park re-development. Generally speaking, I’ve assisted with the vision for the development and designed a few of its many parts.

What has brought you the most enjoyment?  Working with a group of people who respect each other and respect the work I do. 

Where have you found inspiration?   Inspiration is everywhere I look; in nature and in the built environment.  I like to observe how people use a space and, whether indoors or out,  use what I see to create better places that provide for and enrich our lives.

What has been the biggest challenge?  The span of time.  It can be hard to maintain the enthusiasm for things that can take years to bring to fruition. I’ve learned though, that patience pays off.

Looking to the future of Beulah Park, what gets you most excited? Returning from time to time and seeing the project in daily use; seeing people walking or biking through the area, and seeing it mature to become an integral part of the Grove City community.

  • Favorite part of Grove City: Its people
  • Favorite architectural style:  Craftsman
  • Your escape:  Camping with my family
  • Your roots:  Central Ohio
  • Motto you live by:  Work hard and take responsibility for your actions!