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Beulah Park couple builds pool in their backyard

By Katie Giffin, contributing writer at CityScene Media Group

Kathy and Scott Blue, Circleville residents for over 30 years, made the move to Grove City in 2021 for something they’d always dreamed of: a backyard pool.

“I’ve always wanted a pool. When the kids were little, we had a community pool we would go to,” Blue says.

The Blue family had spent their long summers in Circleville visiting the community pool, but when their two kids moved out and the community pool closed, Kathy realized she wanted an outdoor retreat of her own to enjoy the elements and cool off.

“It was a really hot summer a few summers ago, and I just came in and said, ‘I want a pool,’” Blue says.

The pair fell in love with the walkable community in Grove City that was so close to their adult children, who live in Upper Arlington and Hilliard. In addition to being close to their kids and available to help babysit the grandkids, part of the Blues’ desire to move was to build a home that facilitates aging in place. Their two-story home in Circleville wouldn’t be able to accommodate their needs for much longer, so they decided to make the move before installing their pool. With a smaller lot and proximity to the community, their Grove City home allows the couple to remain active.

“We started looking around and we fell in love with the downtown of (Grove City),” Blue says. “(Beulah Park) seems like it’s more of a community instead of just being in a subdivision.”

They settled on a plot directly across from the Park at Beulah overlooking the pond. Because they knew their main priority in the new home was installing a pool, the couple worked with the

builder to create a design that used the space efficiently.

The Blues built their home close to the front of the property to allow for more backyard space. Additionally, they placed the bathroom, shower and beer fridge right off the entrance to the back door for ease of access during or after a swim. Windows line the back of the house, creating an open and airy interior overlooking a secluded aquatic haven. The couple ended up going with a smaller pool than they had originally planned because of zoning regulations, but living in Beulah Park made the compromise worth it.

“It’s just the two of us, so this is perfect,” Blue says.

The 10-by-20-foot pool is 4-feet-6-inches deep all the way across with bench seating on one end. The Blues added an automatic pool cover for increased safety that closes in seconds for when the grandkids are visiting.

“If we wanted to just run in and get lunch, the (cover) closes. That’s my biggest concern when having little ones around,” Blue says.

The Blues surrounded the pool with burning bushes, Korean lilacs and arborvitae bushes that grow along the fence line for increased privacy and a secluded feel. An avid gardener, Blue plans to plant petunias, peonies and hydrangeas around the pool to turn the backyard into a floral paradise.

“We want people to come and have a fun time,” she says. “The grandkids can come and swim. Friends can come and we can hang out. It’s an extra place to entertain.”








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