By “And They’re Off” Artist

Meet Craig W. Murdick, artist and architect, whose work can be seen throughout Beulah Park Living.

Grove City Council’s Art Concern presents “Explorations,” an exhibit of artwork by Craig W. Murdick, on display and for purchase through Friday, July 1 at City Hall, 4035 Broadway, in historic Grove City Town Center. The community is invited to meet the artist at a reception from 4 to 6 p.m., Friday, June 3.

Craig W. Murdick was commissioned by the investors of Beulah Park Living to create the “And They’re Off” Memorial Sculpture as a gift to the Grove City Community. Murdick is also the architect and designer of Beulah Place, the Beulah Park Arch (coming soon), The Townhomes (coming soon) and more. Taking it further, Murdick has assisted in the vision of Beulah Park Living since the beginning.

Although he enjoys a successful career as an architect, Murdick is exploring other creative endeavors, focusing on three areas of artistic interest: 3D modeling, the built and natural landscape around us, and images of farming.

Using 3D modeling to explore forms, light and space, Murdick’s work is a study of how these elements bring out an emotional response.  His shapes can be soothing or harsh and exhibit depth and movement, which invoke reactions of warmth of the morning light and calm from the late daylight fading into the blue hour. Murdick accentuates colors, forms and textures while striving to capture the beauty often overlooked in everyday scenes of buildings, bridges, streets and wires crisscrossing the natural environment of the countryside.

Spending time on his grandfather’s farm in northwest Ohio was influential to him and can be seen as the inspiration for many of his rural, pastoral scenes.

The exhibit is open to the public weekdays, 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., or appointment by calling Clerk of Council Tami Kelly at 614-277-3065. Those interested in displaying or purchasing art on exhibit, please contact curator Tami Kelly.