Meet the Beulah Park Living Team

Let us introduce you to Beulah Park Director, Sarah Backiewicz.

Sarah, a lifelong Central Ohio resident, came to our team with a career spanning corporate and entrepreneurial companies. Her most important role is that of wife and mom (ages 15 – 20, plus two adored dogs).  It just so happens that her favorite obsession is homes and living spaces. With an appreciation for New Urbanism, memorable experiences in Grove City and the character of the Beulah Park Living developer it was a quick YES when asked to join our team.

Tell us about your role in the Beulah Park re-development. I have been fortunate to lead the marketing, branding, social media, PR and communication efforts for Beulah Park. I am also the go-to for marketing and communication needs for all Beulah Park Living partners. Working with the various teams has been a highlight, right along with partnering with various organizations in Grove City. I enjoy collaborative work and treasure the relationship made along the way. 

What does the redevelopment of Beulah Park mean to you? I am in awe. From driving around the site with developer Pat Kelley, when it was flurry of massive earth-moving machines, to watching a community form, the experience has been remarkable. I am thrilled for Central Ohio to have this community. The need for diverse housing is great. The need for a comfortable, connected and inspired lifestyle is great. The need for less time spent in your car and more in your community is even greater. 

What has brought you the most enjoyment? The relationships. First and foremost, with the homeowners and residents who haven chosen to live at Beulah Park. Their happiness is contagious. And with all of those working so hard to build and create this New Urbanism community. From the construction crews, sales consultants, property managers and realtors to the vested Grove City community, it takes a concerted effort, which is exactly how I like to work! I have watched the development team and their partners every day, no matter what was happening (insert: a pandemic and its aftermath), calmly and confidently keep their eye on the masterplan, the vision and client needs. I have learned many valuable lessons.

Certainly, with a redevelopment of this magnitude there had to be challenges. What has been the biggest for you? Initially, it was how to capture and communicate all that Beulah Park offers. Having a story with so much depth and nuance was a nice problem to have, but it was also a challenge. Rebranding and relaunching the Beulah Park website in spring 2020 helped immensely. The challenge then transitioned to not being able to host events like we had planned. Another challenge has been working remotely at times. My favorite days are when I get to be onsite and part of the energy. There is nothing like stepping into a beautiful new space, connecting with new residents or watching the masterplans come to life! 

Looking to the future of Beulah Park, what gets you most excited? Seeing what a gift this 220-acre community becomes for Central Ohio. I have been a student and fan of New Urbanism for quite some time. I also fell for Grove City when my sons played travel baseball, for its: 

  1. Easy access
  2. Charming Town Center
  3. Amazing parks and 
  4. Sense of community. 

And, as a Franklin County resident, I value communities with easy access to downtown Columbus. Overall, it is the juxtaposition – suburban and New Urban, old and new, city and nature, young and not as young – that is so interesting. Grove City is a fantastic place to live, work and play.


  • Favorite part of Grove City: The Historic Town Center.  
  • Favorite architectural style: A classic white cape cod with modern lines. 
  • Your escape: The New Urbanism Communities of 30A (Florida). Long walks with my dogs. Being on water. Family vacations. Tennis. 
  • Your roots: Born and raised in Lancaster, Ohio.
  • Motto you live by: Overall, the mindset of abundance guides me. Perhaps too many to list, but certainly a favorite is: The tide rises all boats.