The Great Connector

A key asset that makes Beulah Park Living and the historic Town Center come alive. 

On October 1, the City of Grove City hosted a ribbon cutting and grand opening of Columbus Street. This marked the pinnacle of the Columbus Street Extension Project that now extends Columbus Street from the intersection with Broadway (US 62), near the Grove City Library, to our Beulah Park Living development. It furthers the walkability and connectivity of the historic, Town Center and the overall community. 

“This connector is the key that makes Beulah Park Living come alive. We are very fortunate to be where we are at today. Without this connector we have done very well at Beulah Park. This puts the icing on the cake and then some. It also completes the City’s framework for providing an East-West connector that connects the neighborhoods west of Demorest Road.” – Pat Kelley, Developer of Beulah Park Living

Let’s hear what the dignitaries and stakeholders had to say:


Mayor Richard L. “Ike” Stage

“On Oct. 1, we opened the highly anticipated Columbus Street extension, connecting the Westgrove area and the developing Beulah Park neighborhood to our flourishing Town Center. The roadway project adds 66 public parking spaces to the Town Center and opens property for the Columbus Street plaza and the possibility of additional restaurants offering al fresco and indoor dining, quaint shopping experiences, arts and culture and memorable community events.

The Town Center functions as the anchor of our city and remains a defining element of the small-town character Grove City is known for. Over the next couple months, crews will finalize the Columbus Street extension with roadway cleanup, plantings and lawn seeding. Eventually the new plaza, we trust, will be filled with citizens and visitors patronizing new and exciting establishments, as well as additional hometown events and activities that make the area so inviting.”


Judge Michael T. Brandt

Judge Michael T. Brandt served as mayor of Grove City from 1972 to 1980.

“When I left the City of Grove City as mayor, I said the city would develop besides itself. This is going to happen. And this is really great, this is great for the community. I can not wait to drive down Columbus Street and see what used to be the racetrack and is now home to many people. You did a good job, Ike.”

Shawn Conrad

Shawn is the Executive Director of the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce

“Columbus Street is more than a road. It connects business with residential. It connects street with other streets, area of town with other areas of town. But more than that, it connects our past with our future. And I believe it opens more doors than there will be cars going through here. On behalf of the 700 members of our Chamber of Commerce, we are excited about this and all that it is going to bring to our community.”

Kevin Lutz, DPM

Dr. Kevin Lutz serves as the president of Grove City Methodist Hospital.

“Ohio Health is at both ends of the new Columbus Street Connector. That speaks to the fact that when you invest in the infrastructure of a community, businesses like Ohio Health, will follow. It is great to be at one end of Stringtown Road and the other end of Columbus Street. And in the middle as well. We might just say that this connector is Grove City’s new heartline.”

Cindi Fitzpatrick, P.E. 

Cindi serves as the Grove City Director of Public Service.

“Columbus Street is the east-west connector through our community from Southwest Blvd to State Route 104 (4.35miles). It just outdistances our north-south connector of Buckeye Parkway, which is 4.05 miles. This has been six years in the making, maybe even longer. When you start a design and vision with the library, move through land acquisition, utility coordination and finally construction it has been a long time we have been waiting to stand on this road, finally connected. We embarked on the realignment of Columbus Street to fit into the vision for our Town Center. This is final piece that connects the Town Center to the new gateway into Beulah Park Living.

Work will continue into November to finish the street lighting, the final landscaping, the surrounding paving work and the decorative arch into the gateway of Beulah Park as you approach the railroad tracks.

Brief project summary: There is more underground than meets the eyes. Total construction cost of $3.3M includes new railroad crossing and two underground storm water detention systems, which aid in draining throughout the Town Center. Improvements also include street lighting, significant pedestrian facilities, water line work, more public parking and a public plaza. This is an excellent connection for our community. An asset to bring more excitement to our Town Center.”