Town Center is growing.

Richard L. “Ike” Stage, Guest columnist

Our historic Town Center is thriving, friendly and a wonderful reflection of our welcoming community.

It’s where we gather with friends, meet and greet neighbors and feel comfortable interacting with strangers. Arts in the Alley, held in September by the Grove City Area Chamber of Commerce, is a prime example.

And Town Center is growing.

On Oct. 1, we opened the highly anticipated Columbus Street extension, connecting the Westgrove area and the developing Beulah Park neighborhood to our flourishing Town Center. The roadway project adds 66 public parking spaces to the Town Center and opens property for the Columbus Street plaza and the possibility of additional restaurants offering al fresco and indoor dining, quaint shopping experiences, arts and culture and memorable community events.

One of the most exciting benefits of the extension project is something not seen on the surface – an underground sustainable method of controlling stormwater runoff.