The Park at Beulah

EMH&T Plan Illustrations

In May 2021, Grove City Council approved $9M in funding to make improvements to The Park at Beulah. Phase I work is underway and is expected to be complete by mid-summer. 

This 32-acre central park anchors all of the vibrant living options at Beulah Park.  The community master-plan allows for the park to be surrounded by single loaded streets, bringing an emphasis of wellness, healthy living and sense of place to the neighborhood.

The Park at Beulah and adjacent conservation area, situated within 58 acres, will bring residents and visitors an unmatched outdoor experience. The conservation area is directly connected to Grove City’s Breck Community Park, giving Beulah Park residents and visitors access to another 25-plus acres of community space. Breck Park is a destination for dog owners, featuring multiple dedicated off-leash play areas as well as walking and biking paths.

The Park at Beulah is also directly connected to the historic Town Center, making this green space truly the heart of Beulah Park. 

We are pleased to be able to share two recent EMH&T illustrations: (1)  The Park at Beulah Concept Design Optimized Layout and (2) Park Zones. See below.

For an animated look at the Park at Beulah, check out the video below. 




The Park at Beulah Concept Design Optimized Layout

Park Programs Include:

  • Flexible Open Space
  • Horseshoe Pond
  • 6 Pickleball Courts
  • Toddler Playground
  • Small Children Playground
  • Fitness Area
  • Shelter House
  • Shelter at historic racetrack feature
  • Sledding Hill
  • Amphitheater (Phase III)

The Park at Beulah Program Relationships Optimized Layout

Detailing Park Zones Within The Park at Beulah

Note: The pedestrian trail network will connect to community gateways and internal park programs.