Smooth Moves

How to plan for a seamless move

Join us for a new series to bring Apartment Living wisdom, experience and expertise to you.

Apartment Living with Beth will include tips, advice and insights from Beth Kelley, Property Manager of Beulah Place. Beth has dedicated her career to the real estate/property management business as part of Oakwood Management’s Team. Oakwood has been a leader in this space for 50+ years.

Everyone knows moving can be stressful. But it certainly doesn’t need to be! Use these apartment moving tips to plan ahead for a smooth move, and you’ll be sipping a cocktail in your new space in no time.

Tip 1: Payment Preparation

Be ready with your form of payment. This includes your deposit, first month’s rent and any additional charges, such as for a pet or garage.

Tip 2: The Lease(d) You Can Do

Make sure you have a signed lease. You can do this online or in person. If you have a roommate or a grantor (co-signor), make sure to coordinate with them.

Pro Tip

Do this ahead of time, including getting a roommate or grantor’s signature as needed. If you are paying your movers by the hour, you certainly do not want them waiting on you to read and sign your lease. All necessary signatures are needed before you can receive your key.

Tip 3: Useful Utilities

Make sure you have your utilities, cable and internet set. You will need to show proof that utilities are in your name prior to getting your key.

Pro Tip

Call your cable and internet providers well in advance if either is important to you. Hello, wifi.

Tip 4: Ensure You’re Insured

Have your renters’ insurance set. Again, you will need to show proof of insurance before receiving your key. Most require a $100,000 minimum insurance policy and your apartment complex as an additional insurer.

Pro Tip 

If you have specific personal belonging(s) you want to be sure are included, talk to your agent to make sure they are specifically listed.

Tip 5: Your Other Roommates

If you have a pet, make sure all the relevant paperwork is submitted in advance. You will be asked to provide a photo and veterinary record.

Pro Tip

Your apartment complex should give you a detailed breakdown of everything owed and needed prior to your move. You will be so happy on move-in day if you have completed each item on the checklist well in advance.

Tip 6: Get Moving

Movers! Before securing a professional mover, look at reviews and ask for referrals. Make sure your movers confirm with you in the days before your expected move. If they haven’t, reach out and confirm with them.

Tip 7: DIYer Priorities

Do-it-yourself move! If you’re planning to make the move on your own, make sure you ask for help. Also consider what items you are moving and if you have any flights of stairs to consider.

Tip 8: Dotting the I’s

Once you obtain your key and open the doors to your new apartment, take a moment to review your space. Complete your “Move-In Checklist.”

Pro Tip

If there is something wrong, it’s worth your time to address it immediately. That way, you can avoid the questions that could come weeks or months later.

Tip 9: Couch Conveyance

Coordinate the delivery of your furniture. It’s always a good idea to do this on move-in day, if possible, so long as the window works for you.

Tip 10: Coordinating That Conveyance

Coordinate delivery of furniture with your leasing office. If you cannot be available for delivery, your leasing office can be of service. Your leasing office can let movers into your unit with your permission, but they cannot sign on your behalf. So, find out the answer to these questions ahead of time and from the source you are making the purchase from: 

  • Do I need to be there?
  • Will you need a signature?
  • What is my window?

Pro Tip

Get to know your leasing staff, the maintenance team and your neighbors. They are there to help you. A little time investment and effort now can pay huge dividends later. We will be taking a deeper dive on this topic at a later date.

Final Thoughts

Save important phone numbers (leasing office, emergency line, etc.) for easy access. Know the process for things such as online work orders and RENTCafe. Here’s wishing you a seamless and enjoyable move to your new apartment!