A Second Great Connector

Opening Event to Grove City’s 170th Anniversary Celebration. 

On May 13, the City of Grove City hosted a ribbon cutting and grand opening of Park Street. This event served as the Opening to Grove City’s 170th Anniversary Celebration and included actor Glen Garcia’s portrayal of William Foster Breck, Grove City’s founder. This celebration also marked the conclusion of $30M public infrastructure for Beulah Park Living, which includes over 8,000 lineal feet of single-loaded streets surrounding a central park and a significant off-site improvement to Southwest Blvd. The Park Street Extension furthers the walkability and connectivity of the historic, Town Center and the overall community. 

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And let’s hear what the dignitaries and stakeholders had to say:


Mayor Richard L. “Ike” Stage

“It was a historic day for Grove City because now we have another east-west thoroughfare to the west side of our city, and it also provides a complement to support the new middle school building the South-Western (City) School District is constructing. And it complements the ongoing progress being made in the Beulah Park Living development.

This project continues our effort to enhance the linkage and access to our Town Center from all parts of Grove City. We now have four different ways to get to the Town Center, with the two newest being with the Park Street extension and the extension of Columbus Street we completed last fall.”


Pat Kelley, Developer

“People often ask me: Where is the next Beulah Park? And I tell them: There isn’t one. You can not duplicate the ingredients that make Beulah Park so special. It is integrating the old with the new in a seamless connection. You have the oldest subdivision in Grove City connecting with the newest. You have the Columbus Street Extension, and the historic Town Center, connecting to the newest mixed-use development in Central Ohio. And The Park at Beulah, which is not situated on leftover land. It is in the heart of Beulah Park. It is the best piece of property at Beulah Park. And that is intentional. The Park at Beulah is surrounded by single-loaded streets that gives it an extra special presence. That, along with the connectivity, is what makes Beulah Park so special.”

Bill Wise, Superintendent of South-Western City Schools.

“For most of us in life it is hard to be what you can not see. And that is what I think this dedication is. It is a celebration of those folks who could see beyond what is in front of them. Whether we are talking about Pat Kelley and his team, Mayor Stage and his team, they saw something that was not in place but could be and that is a very special thing. And it pays off in life. Those folks who have the opportunity to see what is beyond what is in front of them and to see the potential, make things happen and that is what makes this community great. In addition to their vision they provided for this, it is the partnership and teamwork. Pat being willing to shift some sites in order to make our school site work, Mayor being able to acquire the properties in order to bring that facility home so that we will have that 119,000 sq ft 800 student facility with state-of-the-art technology for students to be able to learn. Grove City is a very special place and it is all because of partnership.

We have to recognize our roots and history in order to move forward and that is what this dedication is about.”

Father Michael Watson, Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Good and gracious God,

For 170 years your providential care has blessed the community of Grove City, from the seeds planted by founder William Breck to this day, in which a new avenue of growth is being opened through the connecting vision of developer Pat Kelley, Mayor Stage and the Grove City Council.

We thank you for their breadth of vision, wisdom and insight to incorporate the building blocks of society; education facilities, environmental sensitivity, and social integration; which fosters well being and continued growth in our community.

We ask for your continued blessing to be able to sustain what is being forged under your guidance, and be able to leave a legacy that continues the humble work that was begun by William Foster Breck. We ask this in your name. Amen.