Park at Beulah

Phase One Update

In May 2021, Grove City Council approved $9M in funding to make improvements to the Park at Beulah. Phase one of three is set to begin. 

This 32-acre central park anchors all of the vibrant living options at Beulah Park.  The community master-plan allows for the park to be surrounded by single loaded streets, bringing an emphasis of wellness, healthy living and sense of place to the neighborhood.


  • Contractor: Facemyer Company from Sunbury, OH
  • Contract Amount: $4,237,440.81
  • Estimated Start of Construction: October 2021
  • Estimated Completion of Construction: June 2022 (Note: Landscape plantings may extend into the fall.)

Park at Beulah Improvements, Phase 1

The Community’s vision for the Park at Beulah Park is to be the central park of Grove City – a place that brings visitors to town, has something for everyone, and has a direct connection to the Town Center area.  Phase 1 sets the foundation for the overall Park at Beulah.  Phase 1 of the site improvements include:

  • Site grading
  • Drainage
  • Shared Use Paths/Trails
  • Parking
  • Lighting
  • Landscaping. Hardscape. Entry Features. Swing/Viewing Areas feature overlooking pond.
  • Irrigation.
  • Utility and service extensions.
  • Water. Sanitary. Electric. Festival Power.

Setting the course for Phase 2.  

The Phase 1 improvements set the course for the Phase 2 improvements which will include site amenities such as playgrounds, courts, fitness areas, shelter structures and restrooms.  It is anticipated that these amenities will be bid as a separate bid package in early 2022.

Final Thoughts

The Park at Beulah and adjacent conservation area, situated within 58 acres, will bring residents and visitors an unmatched outdoor experience. The connection to the Town Center truly makes this the heart of Beulah Park. For an animated look at the Park at Beulah, check out the video below.