Gaining traction for decades, New Urbanism is the revival of our lost art of place-making. It is the antidote to the unsatisfying suburban sprawl and overly complicated lives.

We have all experienced a sudden and rapid change in the way we work, play and live. Never have we appreciated and missed our local restaurants, coffee shops and boutiques. Never have they missed us even more. Never has home and neighbor been more important. If home is where we can be our truest selves, our homes can be the critical tool for living the lives we want. We can retreat from the rest of the world, yet just outside our door we can connect and support those around us.

New Urbanism communities seek to bring their residents new opportunities to experience neighborliness in their personal lives and facilitate greater participation in the life of the community. An inspired design that can have a positive impact on both the quality of civic life and the human spirit. It is something we are all realizing and Grove City has known for a long time: we really are BETTER TOGETHER.