Beulah Park is in the news! Check out the September/October 2020 issue of the Discover Grove City Magazine.

Learn more about the relocation of Brookpark Middle School to Beulah Park as well as Grove City’s continued commitment to high quality education.

**Excerpt below taken directly from magazine. 

Development – Planning for Our Future – Including Education

In a growing community such as Grove City, careful planning is essential to ensure sufficient infrastructure develops as well. This includes planning for roadways, trails, parks, schools and safety forces. Working with the South-Western City School District has always been a priority for the City.

Between 2000 and 2010, new residential developments like Pinnacle and Meadow Grove Estates were approved, as well as plans to completely rebuild four of our community’s elementary schools – Highland Park, J.C. Sommer, Monterey and Richard Avenue.

Since 2010, new housing developments have been approved for our community, including Beulah Park on the former racetrack site and Farmstead connecting to the Indian Trails subdivision between Jackson Pike and Buckeye Parkway. Both developments include accommodations for schools.

Early in the discussion and planning stages for the Beulah Park development, Grove City worked with the Beulah Park team to identify an appropriate location for a school. A site was eventually identified on land straddling Beulah Park property and land south of the development. The school, a relocation of Brookpark Middle School, was recently approved with access to be provided through future Beulah Park roadways and Demorest Road. Construction on the project should begin by the end of the year, with a goal to open for students in August 2022.

The Farmstead development will include extending Hawthorne Parkway from its current terminus in the Indian Trails subdivision through the 200-acre site to Jackson Pike. The development was designed with an 11-acre parcel reserved for a future elementary school. And extension of trails and an expansion of the Indian Trails Park were added to create safe pedestrian connections for access to the school and numerous green spaces throughout the development.

Planning for Grove City’s future involves planning for a wide range of factors while incorporating vital community amenities. In order to ensure we have comprehensive public input, our Grove City 2050 Community Plan was guided by a steering committee with representatives from across the community including various civic organizations and partners. A principal from the South-Western City School District was also a member of the committee.

It remains our priority to work together with community partners including the school district to ensure we are planning a bright future for all Grove City residents.

Kyle Rauch is the Development Director for the City of Grove City.