Grove City Chamber Business Connection

A New Era at Beulah ParkĀ 

Thank you for the Grove City Chamber of Commerce for catching up on the action at Beulah Park.

If you missed the June Chamber Business E-Magazine, you can find it here.

Highlights include:

  • The Concept of New Urbanism.
  • Focus on Building a Community.
  • Importance of Growing Businesses.
  • Our legacy and Preserving History.
  • Celebrating Victories.
  • Looking Ahead.
  • And a special Beulah Park Historical TimelineĀ 

“Beulah Park Living repurposes the space to continue to serve as a gathering place with the massive central park, and further enhances quality of living and linkages to the surrounding community, especially the Town Center.”

– Sarah Backiewicz, Beulah Park Director