Let us introduce you to Loretta and Gary. This warm, fun and wonderful couple are on track to close on their home this month. We are excited to welcome them home to Beulah Park. Fun Fact: They were the first to purchase a home within The Grove at Beulah Park! With strong ties to Grove City, we are thankful they chose Beulah Park and all its community amenities.

And now for the introduction….

Tell us a little about yourself. Gary is a retired college professor since 2006.  Loretta still works part time in spirituality ministry.  We have been happily married for 52+ years and have always lived in Grove City. We have two grown married daughters and four grandchildren.

Where are you are moving within Beulah Park? We are moving to The Grove at Beulah Park and are building the Abbeyville.

What drew you to Beulah Park? We currently live in Westgrove and like the area, so Beulah Park was attractive to us because of the proximity to downtown.  Also, the planned green space and bike/walking trails are something that we know we will enjoy.

What has the building process been like and can you share any words of wisdom for those looking to build? To begin, when we first met Molly, Sales Consultant at The Grove, she was and continues to be extremely easy to work with.  Also Jeff, the project manager, has been most informative and helpful. Our advice would be to ask for Molly and Jeff.  Although it has been a little stressful due to Covid, it is well worth it.

Looking to the future, what gets you most excited about being a Beulah Park resident? We have already met some of our future neighbors and they seem to share the same excitement.  We are also looking forward to a new build, the green space, amphitheater, trails, etc.

  • Favorite part of Grove City: The community feeling!  From the beginning when we first moved here, we felt like we were a part of a small town.
  • Favorite architectural style: We really don’t have a favorite.  What we like about Grove City is the diversity.
  • Your escape: We love visiting our family members both here in Columbus and Florida.  We also love to travel.
  • Your roots: Gary was born and raised in Southern Ohio before moving to Grove City.  Loretta was born and raised in New York before moving to Grove City.
  • Motto you live by: Gary…”If you are good to others, they will be good to you!”  Loretta…“Be grateful and love well!”