She Lives, Works and Plays Here

Let us introduce you to Jen Davis, Leasing Agent at The Strand and Beulah Place.

We are thankful that Jen Davis made the decision to call The Strand at Beulah home! And not only that – Jen is a proud team member of Oakwood Property Management, overseeing sister properties Beulah Place and The Strand at Beulah. Jen and her husband, Chuck, will celebrate 26 years of marriage this month! They have two grown sons, Dylan and Kyle, who are their pride, joy and greatest accomplishments.

Outside of work and play, Jen enjoys watching her family grow as they plan for Dylan’s wedding in October. Jen was happy to share that her nest is not quite empty as they have a 13-pound furry baby boy – aptly named Brutus! He is sweet, fierce and loves his family.

Jen’s professional background includes 30 years of Customer Service and Management experience. Jen loves people and enjoys talking to them. “Everyone has a story and you can learn so much by listening!” What a gift Jen is to our community.

“Jen is an exemplary example of not only an amazing team member but also a resident at Beulah Place and the Strand at Beulah!.”

-Lora Longmuir, Property Manager 

It is exciting that you have chosen to live, work and play at Beulah Park! Tell us about your role at the Beulah Place and The Strand. I am a Leasing Agent at Beulah Park and The Strand at Beulah. My favorite part of my job is showing people around the property and welcoming them to their new home! There are so many reasons people choose to rent! Everyone has different stories and circumstances! I love helping them find the best apartment or townhome to fit their lifestyle!

Share with us what drew you live at Beulah Park, and specifically at The Strand at Beulah.

As Beulah Park started development, we would drive through the area and look at everything being built! At the time, we were homeowners with plans to sell as we became empty nesters. On a Saturday afternoon, we were headed to Memories for lunch and my husband made a turn I wasn’t expecting, wasn’t sure I was too thrilled. Next thing I knew, we were in leasing office and talking to Beth, who was the Property Manager at the time. We fell in love and ended up having lunch after completing the application process for an apartment that wasn’t even complete. While living at Beulah Place, we again watched The Strand at Beulah grow and knew that was our next step! I believe, we were the first residents at The Strand, Phase 2. We love the location and proximity to Grove City Town Center. Most weekends, you will find us walking to support the local shops and restaurants!

Tell us about your role in the Beulah Park re-development. I am a Leasing Agent at Beulah Place. I get to meet so many different people when taking them on a tour of the property. I do a lot of behind the scenes work as far as running applications, reaching out to new prospects, filing paperwork, and answering phone calls. I have really enjoyed my time so far here at Beulah Place and I am looking forward to future opportunities with Oakwood Management.

What has brought you the most enjoyment?

I love people! I love meeting and getting to know our residents, as well as, meeting future residents. I enjoy sharing why I love living here and all the great amenities Beulah Place and the Strand have to offer our residents. I love when residents just come in to have a cup of coffee and chat with me!

What would surprise people about living at Beulah Park? It’s very quiet here! You are so close to downtown Grove City and can enjoy the small-town vibe while being so close to the hustle and bustle of Columbus!

Looking to the future of Beulah Park, what gets you most excited? All of it! Beulah Park has so much offer to everyone who lives here! I’m especially excited to see the Shoppes at Beulah when completed!


  • Favorite part of Grove City: The small town feel while still close to the hustle and bustle of Columbus.
  • Favorite architectural style: Craftsman – Colonial
  • Your escape: The beach is my happy place! I enjoy HGTV and Food Network and binging on Netflix.
  • Your roots: I’m a small town girl of German descent.
  • Motto you live by: Just be nice to people and SMILE!

You can connect with Jen and the Team here or by calling: (614) 801-9988


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