Expert Advice from Dr. Ellie Scott, Stringtown Animal Hospital.

Moving your dogs and cats to a new home can be stressful. Here are ten tips to help them (and you!) make the move less stressful. Plus, a special offer for Beulah Park residents. 

Tip 1: Let your cats and dogs get used to your moving boxes.

Several weeks before the move, put out some boxes with non-essential items. They’ll be curious, but then get used to them. Also, get them used to the crates you’ll transport them in. 

Tip 2: Keep your pets on schedule.

Try to keep regular feeding times, play, and walks. (Even on moving day, if you can!)

Tip 3: Add some extra play and active time.

Giving pets some additional activity may help burn off anxiety.

Tip 4: If you’re swamped with the move, consider hiring a pet sitting service to come and play with your pets while you pack and load.

Tip 5: Create a safe and comfortable space for your cat or dog.

Make sure you keep this in your current home and put one in your new home right away, so they have somewhere to retreat where they feel safe. Use items they’re familiar with, like blankets, toys, or a crate. 

Tip 6: Pack a moving bag for your pet with toys, blankets, water bowl, litter box, and disposable plastic bags—all the necessities—for easy access on the go. 

Tip 7: While moving, keep your pets secure.

It’s easy to get distracted and leave doors open for pets to escape. And make sure your microchip information is up to date just in case. 

Tip 8: When you arrive at your new home, take your dog on tour and allow for ample time to sniff the place.

Give your cat space to hide until they are ready to explore. You may keep them in one room and introduce new rooms gradually.  

Tip 9: Give your pets LOTS of extra affection and positive reinforcement.

You may even hide treats around the house to encourage exploration and comfort. 

Tip 10: Meet with your new veterinarian a few weeks before the move, if possible.

This initial visit will help your pet get to know your vet and allow your vet to get all the key details on your cat or dog’s health (like vaccinations and medications) in the system. Be sure to request medical files and records from your previous vet for an easier transition. 

Final Thoughts

Feel free to call Stringtown Animal Hospital at (614) 871-7705 with any additional questions you may have. They are happy to help!

Special Offer For Beulah Park Residents

Get to know Stringtown Animal Hospital with a free exam! Just mention you saw this post. Flyers are also available in the Beulah Place Clubhouse and will be distributed throughout our community to welcome new residents and their pets. The free exam includes a head-to-toe physical exam and consultation with a veterinarian. Vaccinations, testing and treatments are not included. Offer detailed below.



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