Beulah Park Phase II

Phase II Further Connects Existing and New

Phase II infrastructure work was recently completed by the developers of Beulah Park Living. This included a Plat of land in the southwestern 31.996 acres of Beulah Park Living that finalized the remaining roadways for Beulah Park and finished the connections with Elm Street, Park Street, and Demorest Road.

Four roadways were included in Phase II. Most notably, Beulah Park Drive, one of the main roadways in Beulah Park Living, was extended to the south of the central park to connect with Elm Street. This road will provide a “ring” around The Park at Beulah. Mystic Way was extended from Glacial Lane to connect with Beulah Park Drive. The Park Street Extension includes an extension to the west, with two new intersections with Beulah Park Drive/Elm Street and Demorest Road, where it will end. One new roadway, Brody Drive, was created to loop on the south side of Park Street and will provide a secondary access point to the future Brookpark Middle School site further to the south.

New Lots With Views of the Conservation Area and Park

A total of 86 single-family residential lots are now available! This includes 16 lots located along Mystic Way (just south of the central park) that have gorgeous views of the conservation area. It also includes 70 lots located around the Park Street extension. Many of these lots are also situated to take advantage of the views of the conservation area.

Pulte Homes is developing this section as an extension of their successful The Grove at Beulah Park. Pulte offers five popular building plans to choose from: Abbeyville, Boardwalk, Fifth Avenue, Park Place, Woodward

New Brookpark Middle School

Brookpark Middle School will open Summer of 2022! Phase II infrastructure work allows for connectivity of this community school to its surrounding neighborhoods. This new facility for the SWCSD is a two-story building which will hold grades 7 – 8. The school grounds will also include two parking lots, a baseball field, a football field with a track around it and a press box. The school will be accessed from two public roadways, will have sidewalks along each frontage and through the site. The sidewalks will be connected to the greater network through the Beulah Park Living community.

Two Reserves

Two reserves are included in this Phase II encompassing 9.113 acres of the site. Reserve A is 8.674 acres and is centrally located along Brody Drive containing the existing stream corridor and conservation easement. Reserve B is 0.439 acres and is located along the Demorest Road frontage site.



Phase II Highlights

  • $28M investment in infrastructure
  • New roadways allow for connection between existing neighborhoods and Beulah Park Living.
  • Existing Elm Street and Park Street now connect through Beulah Park.
  • Beulah Park Drive, which provides a “ring” around The Park at Beulah, is now complete.
  • Additional single-family lots, many of which overlook the conservation and park areas.
  • Allow for a connection to the new Brookpark Middle School. Opening Summer 2022.